La Rallerie Site

In 2010, a bird sanctuary was created in La Rallerie on the site of the former sand extraction works on the banks of the Vienne River. Part of the site is a fishing pond and the other part was landscaped and planted with trees and reeds to attract birds. This work was performed by the LPO, the largest bird charity in France

La Rallerie information

There are already many interesting birds in the region, including barn owls, egrets, nightingales, hoopoes, honey buzzards, black kites, black-red tails, kingfishers and orioles. The bird sanctuary has created a particularly attractive habitat for bees, which nest from May to August

All these and many other birds can be seen and heard on the beautiful walks that extend in all directions along the river and up into the woods.

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There is also an abundance of butterflies, two variants of swallowtail butterfly. There are deer and wild boars in the woods (but rarely seen) and of course there are lizards on the walls, crickets in each meadow and frogs and dragonflies inhabit each pond.

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