Poitiers was the capital of the province since the Roman times and as such its architectural heritage is remarkable, and the Battle of Poitiers was a major battle in the Hundred Years War. The Chemis Notre Dame will guide you through the old neighborhoods to discover the historical treasures of the city at your own pace. On these paths, you will discover exceptional monuments, such as:
Great Church Notre-Dame-La (11th-12th century), to admire the light of day and after sunset. its pure white stones when struck by sunlight brings out the elegance of Romanesque sculptures. On summer evenings and Christmas holidays you can enjoy the magic of its polychromatic laser light display. St. Pierre Cathedral (12th-13th century) with its François-Henri Cliquot organ dating  from the 18th century. Saint John Baptistery (5th-12th century) the oldest example of Christian architecture in France. The Palace of Justice (12th-14th century) former home of the Counts of Poitou-Dukes of Aquitaine. Church of St. Hilaire, a World Heritage monument on the road to Saint Jacques de Compostela pilgrimage. Church of St. Radegonde (11th-15th century), one of the oldest of Poitiers, and do not forget the Sainte Croix Museum and the Espace Mendes. To relax take a stroll around Blossac Park, Botanical Gardens and Promenade du Pré Abbess. For the shopaholics among you there are many shops and independent retail chains in and around Poitiers as well as local arts and crafts shops.

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